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Re: Clarification on the Origin: field in the Patch Tagging Guidelines?

"Theodore Ts'o" <tytso@mit.edu> writes:

> P.S. One of the things I'm thinking about doing is writing a script which
> automatically generates the debian/patches directory from the git
> repository.  So when I specify the base release (i.e., v1.42.4), it will
> do something like git format-patch, but in a debian/patches Quilt 3.0
> format.  That way I don't have to replicate the patches twice in my git
> tree (once as the real commit, and once in the commits which create the
> debian/patches/* files).

FYI, gitpkg can do that, among other things, git-buildpackage's gbp-pq
can do something similar aswell.

So the script you wish for already exists, and is packaged. ;)


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