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Bind9 - anyone know what the maintainer is up to?


Just wondering how busy he is.  Just that it would be good to have Bind
9.9.1 in wheezy instead of 9.8.3 etc.  Major performance improvements,
and some critical fixes for DNSSEC dynamic DNS re a race condition with
rndc corrupting dynamic zones..... ;-{

I can file a bug, but there is a pile of them on bind9.  There is also a
security issue with current bind9  1:9.8.1.dfsg.P1-4 (CVE-2012-1667),
which needs fixing.

Any problems with me doing an NMU to unstable?  If so, which version,
9.8 or 9.9 (easy to strip DFSG non compliant stuff for 9.9)

Just checking before doing anything.  Don't like creating storms when
not needed.


Matthew Grant

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