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Re: [xml/sgml-pkgs] Bug#676686: libxslt1.1: libxslt1.1 binNMU broke multi-arch installability

Michael Gilbert <mgilbert@debian.org> (14/06/2012):
> package (version) sid; urgency=low
>   * Binary-only non-maintainer upload; no source changes.
>  -- Debian Release Team <debian-release@lists.debian.org>  Tue, 05 Jun
> 2012 16:33:05 +0000
> or some other appropriate binnmu mailing address.  This would also
> mean rebuilding all of the other architectures for multi-arch same
> packages so that they all get the same changelog.

No, binNMUs numbers can be different, along with timestamps (even with:
“wb nmu foo . ALL . -m 'Rebuild for foo.'”, architectures are processed
one after each other). Also, reasons can be different.


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