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Re: DUCK -the Debian Url Checker

Hi Simon,

Simon Kainz wrote:
> as I had some problems in the past finding upstream sources and
> homepages, I hacked up some scripts to monitor and display the results
> of the Upstream Homepage entries in the package control files.
> Please take a look at http://debian.tugraz.at/duck/

Very cool! And I like that name! :-)

> Currently the job runs once a day and the results are displayed. Maybe
> this is of some use for some maintainers and/or developers.


> One can also search for specific maintainers.

Could you also treat uploaders like maintainers (or similar, i.e. add
some [U] flag if someone is just an Uploader as seen elsewhere in
Debian)? That would help people who are also active in teams but don't
help to maintain all packages in the team.

Another thing I noticed:
-- if I click on the link the ftp directory shows up perfectly in my
browser. Any idea why it's regarded as broken?

Michal already suggested to check also debian/copyright. I would also
love to see to have Vcs-*, at least Vcs-Browser checked. Actually
today I noticed a package where the Vcs repo location moved and is no
more uptodate (mssh FWIW).

Anyway, already now this is a great service!

		Regards, Axel
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