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Re: Summary: Moving /tmp to tmpfs makes it useless

> >>> Some people asked for a thread summary. So here it is.
> >> Seriously, can't you even read what's written to you?
> >
> > Yes, I know it was a biased summary.
> I think you might start to piss off a few people now...
> Look at what you are quoting above. You introduced your biased summary
> like this:
>   "Some people asked for a thread summary. So here it is.".
> I will refrain from further comments.  People can judge for themselves.

I think that it is really great that Serge wrote a summary.  Serge, I thank you
a lot.  Your summary may not be prefect, but as it was suggested, there are
tools like wiki.debian.org if there is some will to make a more structured
document.  Roger's email where he announced that the defaults were reverted was
also very informative, as it provided a broader overview of why there are
filesystems on tmpfs, and what is the role of /tmp in that context.  In the
absence of a final combined summary, I suggest to link to the ones of Roger,
Serge and Adam in the next "Developers News".


There are many long threads on -devel that are difficult to follow because of
their large quantities of messages, to the point that I would almost call this
a discrimination in the sense of our recent GR: I think it is pushing out
contributions that we could have received if we self-moderated these posting
bursts.  For that reason, even if they are not perfect, I think that summaries
are very welcome.

Have a nice day,

Charles Plessy
Debian Med packaging team,
Tsurumi, Kanagawa, Japan

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