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Re: Moving /tmp to tmpfs makes it useless

So RAMTMP now defaults to off. I know it can be hard to give ground on
something you've invested a lot of work into, so Roger Leigh has my
respect for taking this thread into consideration.

A lot of people came down on the pro-tmpfs side in this thread. You have
some good reasons to want to make it available to users. I just wanted
to invite you to make it easier for users to enable tmpfs where
appropriate -- d-i's partman component needs to gain support for
managing tmpfs partitions (#245465). This would allow users to set up
tmpfs at install time, to preseed it, and even to have recipes
that include it.

Partman is not the easiest thing to work on, but if you know how to use
debconf, and shell script, and have some time and VirtualBox, this is
well within your grasp. Last time I added a filesystem (btrfs) to
partman, I did it by copying the partman-ext3 source and modifying
appropriately[1]. It was really just a few hundred lines of code.

If interested, contact me or debian-boot@lists.debian.org

see shy jo

[1] And then refactoring out a lot of common code of course.

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