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seeking co-maintainers for spamassassin

I still make active use of spamassassin, but I don't have the time these
days to spend keeping up with bug reports and feature requests. Aside
from the backlog, the package is generally in good shape and works well
for most users. The upstream development is fairly stable, with the most
recent code release happening about a year ago. Upstream rule updates
are still fairly common, and although they should probably be pulled in
to the package more frequently than they have, I imagine that most users
are relying on sa-update to keep up-to-date.

Spamassassin is written in perl, with an additional small C program
(spamc). The source is maintained in svn and uses quilt for patch

I'm perfectly happy to see patches attached to some of the open bugs, so
please don't hesitate to send them in. Ideally I'd like to get a
co-maintainer or two, though. Preferably these would be people who run
spamassassin in production somewhere, and who are thus appropriately
sensitive to the issues that come with mucking with other peoples'


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