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Re: Packaging on GitHub ?

Bernd Zeimetz <bernd <at> bzed.de> writes:

> On 05/29/2012 08:07 AM, Yao Wei (魏銘廷) wrote:
> > I am thinking about a more general topic like:
> > Managing packaging on VCS services other than Alioth
> The other way rounds works well, too - package wherever you like to and
> mirror it on Alioth, for example in your personal git folder in your home.

The idea, in principle, is nice, but I’ve seen packages where
I suspect the primary maintainer (don’t want to write names
here) maintains it in his DVCS copy and pushes to the official
mirror listed in the VCS-* headers only rarely, so they are
out of date and not suitable for e.g. submitting patches. (Even
saw one where he had the VCS-* headers pointed to the previous
upstream major version branch, and while the branch for the
current upstream major version existed, it was out of date.)

Okay, this is a general problem with DVCSes, but mirroring, if
not done reliably-automatically, might (possibly even will) make
it worse.

People seem to dislike Alioth, mostly due to issues in the past
and load issues. Not sure whether anything can be done about that.
(Count me in for some of my packages though, where I’m developing
them in my own (but published) CVS repository… others I’ve put up
on Alioth though. But that’s mostly nostalgy. And dogfooding, since
I maintain that beast. Nothing against Alioth in its current in-
carnation, as long as the load issues don’t remain/come back. I’m
actually considering putting future packages of mine up there.)

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