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Re: Target path variables in debian/rules


fre, 01 06 2012 kl. 15:36 -0400, skrev Jonathan Yu:
> This may only be a partial help for you (you will still need to
> specify the /usr/... etc stuff), but this is the method we use in the
> Debian Perl group to build the path:
> PACKAGE = $(shell dh_listpackages)
> TMP     = $(CURDIR)/debian/$(PACKAGE)
> Using this method, you can substitute $(PACKAGE) for the package name,
> which may make your rules file a little prettier...

Thanks! It turns out I wasn't entirely off then, because in my original
rules file I used $(CURDIR) and a hard-coded package name.

The $(shell dh_listpackages) adds some additional generality, but I was
actually thinking that there might be some further generalization
options that might even eliminate the directory structure. That is,
although man pages currently go to /usr/share/man/man?/.+[0-8](.gz)?,
somehow I thought some "MANDIR" or similar variable would be more
appropriate. Still, I'm glad to learn it's Debian kosher to hard-code
the paths.

Ole Wolf
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