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Re: Debian documentation permalinks

On 01/06/12 14:53, Ben Hutchings wrote:
 On Fri, 2012-06-01 at 14:10 +0100, Philip Ashmore wrote:
 On 30/05/12 22:42, Karl Goetz wrote:
  >  On Wed, 30 May 2012 13:20:24 +0100
  >  Philip Ashmore<contact@philipashmore.com>  wrote:
  >  Could you give examples of things lacking permalinks?
  >  thanks,
  >  kk

 It doesn't mention which version(s) of Debian it applys to.
 It doesn't provide links to versions that apply to previous or testing
 of Debian.

 It's a wiki, so how would we ensure that?
By mentioning which version(s) of Debian it applies to.

 I also couldn't find a permalink on the page.

 Oh and I couldn't get it to bridge from my wifi to the ethernet port.

 Not particularly surprising; that recipe is a nasty hack.  Routing makes
 more sense.

 Does anyone else out there wish there was an app that (graphically)
 packet flow/filtering based on test configurations?
 This page is definitely not noob-friendly, or is that a feature?

 It's a wiki, so how would we ensure that?
Ok, I guess I'm being off topic here - I'm talking about a Debian package that
1. Accept the same configuration files/syntax as the "real" services do.
2. Allows the user to describe some hypothetical networking set-up, possibly
   involving multiple networking interfaces on multiple machines.
   Also, network manager interactions should be visible too.
3. Can identify the kinds of packets that each machine would be expected to
   send / accept based on role options (DHCP, wifi, Gateway, non-configurable)
   configurable with dialogs.
4. Can display a simulation of the packets being routed/forwarded/rejected based
   on the configuration
5. Can generate scripts to be run on one or more of the target machines
   (that run Debian?) to verify a particular configuration deployment among the
   target machines.



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