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Re: Packaging a new release of released SW, not considered by the DM?

Hi Svante,

On 12-06-01 at 09:16am, Svante Signell wrote:
> Regarding DMs the non-responsiveness of *some* of them is frustrating, 
> they don't bother to comment on _any_ of the bug reports. Is that the 
> way a DM is supposed to work? And with the recent discussions on 
> d-devel about hijacking etc it seems that if you are a DM for a 
> package is set in stone *forever*.

The general rule is that when you are maintainer for a package, you stay 

...but maintainer role is not "forever", though.  But Debian praise 
stability and reliability, and both are generally helped when you are 
not "shopping around" but devote time to and grow detailed knowledge 
about specific pieces over longer time.

...but Debian rules are not set in stone, either¹. Note how I said 
"generally" several times above. What you experience at the mailinglist 
is discussing what is facts *today*, both to hold each other to an 
agreed consensus, and to consider if relevant to change to a different 
(hopefully better) consensus in the future.

Hope that helped you gain interest in Debian :-)

 - Jonas


I am not _always_ yelling and nitpicking.  At least that's what Siri (my 
girlfriend), Gunnar Wolf and Andreas Tille tells me...

¹ Ahem. Debian Policy _is_ probably what most would call "set in stone",
but - as I suspect was also partly Andreas Tille's point in his 
once-a-day mail yesterday - we wrote that "law" ourselves, and are free 
to rewrite it.  So soapstone or something... :-)

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