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Re: Packaging a new release of released SW, not considered by the DM?

Svante Signell dijo [Thu, May 31, 2012 at 10:22:21PM +0200]:
> Hi,
> A Short question. Is it possible to ITP a new release of some software
> not being even considered by the DM, for whatever reason. Wishlist bugs
> are submitted, etc. According to if there is no reply of bug reports,
> there seems to be no interest at all from the DM to package that piece
> of SW, not even for experimental. If not possible, why? What does the
> Debian Policy state?

It's *usually* not what you want to do. There are several cases where
different versions of the same program are available in Debian, and I
am unfamiliar with the case at hand, but it's usually where a specific
older version of a package is depended upon by large amounts of
software, and changes in new versions are not compatible. They often
bring in maintenance hell issues.

In this case, you should discuss with the DM about the "whatever
reason" you mention, maybe bring it up here (so it gets wider exposure
and more informed people get to have a say). You can ultimately ask
the Technical Committee, but that's a venue of action very seldom
taken (and I think that even "very seldom" might be an overstatement).

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