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Re: Moving /tmp to tmpfs makes it useless

2012/5/25 Fernando Lemos wrote:

> Hasn't this been discussed at length already in previous threads?

Well, I brought that up because I hadn't seen the main argument about
temporary files discussed yet. I hope that it may change things to the
better way.

But that's not just for more talking, it's also a new suggestion:
0. remember why temporary files are created;
1. don't mount /tmp on tmpfs by default;
2. extend installer so that it allowed to configure all tmpfs mountpoints
  in custom install mode (all of them, including /tmp as an option);
3. [optionally] fix the software, that misuse /tmp by moving their files
  to appropriate directories (i.e. /run).

Alternatively, if everybody still believe that /tmp must be always mounted
to tmpfs - I suggest to make the second step and do not create /tmp at all
by default, since it's useless for real temporary files and is not a good
place for IPC/sockets anyway.

If these ideas were already suggested and discussed before, I'm sorry,
I guess I missed them. :)


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