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removal of Qt3


A couple of weeks ago was the first anniversary of orphaning Qt3 in Debian
The orphaning bug is #625502

In this year, Qt3 has got a few QA uploads with the most relevant change
being support to multiarch. And, more importantly, nobody seemed to care
enough to step into maintaining it.

In the last days, I have taken a look into how much needed to be done to
remove Qt3 and there were slightly more than 50 packages depending directly
or indirectly from Qt3. A removal from Wheezy seemed doable
given that removing packages is never a problem during the Debian freeze ;-)

All the packages affected have a bug opened since more than one year and
half ago and I have pinged all the bugs with some maintainers responding
quick (thanks!). I also filed some removals for packages that
were clearly unmaintaineed and didn't seem worth keeping with ftp-masters
responding quick too (Thanks!). And a couple of QA upload
for orphaned software that were still useful without Qt3.

There is a wiki page tracking the status of the removal if you are curious:

If in the future, you are reading this and you need Qt3 in Wheezy, you can
fetch it from Debian snapshots:


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