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Re: Bug#481129: Bug#671503: general: APT repository format is not documented

On Fri, May 18, 2012 at 08:12:16PM +0200, Michal Suchanek wrote:
> The formatting is not consistent but that will have to be changed for
> docbook anyway.

Yes, and it will also be more readable then, than the current wiki

> Also would need some proof-reading. If nothing else somebody should look
> in a few weeks from now if it still makes sense ;-)

I'd also like to hear bits from the launchpad team about their
implementation and see whether they agree with everything then.

> I put a link on the RepositoryHowto page for more exposure.
> I am not so sure documenting Debian installer files is tremendously
> useful. I don't think anyone outside Debian Installer team makes Debian
> Installer repositories and there are other aspects of Debian Installer
> that would need to be documented in order for it to be usable for
> 'outside' people in non-default configurations.

We still need to at least document the udeb stuff, the images and
other stuff is not relevant to the core format and probably defined
by the d-i team anyway (and installed by-hand).

The udeb stuff is relatively easy to document, as it just adds one
new directory and one new filename for Contents files, so can be
done in about two sentences (and udebs are uploaded by standard
.changes with the rest of the package, and are thus standard).

Julian Andres Klode  - Debian Developer, Ubuntu Member

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