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Re: Bug#671503: general: APT repository format is not documented

On Fri, 04 May 2012 18:49:34 +0200
Michal Suchanek <michal.suchanek@ruk.cuni.cz> wrote:

> Package: general
> Severity: important
> I wanted to create a repository of my own packages so that I can use the
> standard Debian tools to install these packages and resolve any
> dependencies automatically.

Use better tools - reprepro which has very good documentation for it's
usage but there is no real reason for documentation of the output
format itself.

> By reverse-engineering a Debian mirror site I managed to write a script
> using dpkg-scanpackages that created a repository that apt could use.

Please don't re-invent wheels like that again - it's not necessary.
> Unfortunately, the undocumented format of apt archives has changed and I
> had to reverse-engineer a Debian mirror again to figure out what has
> changed.

reprepro repositories keep working. It's NOT necessary to exactly mimic
an existing mirror in order to have a working repository.
> After reporting this as a bug it was recommended that I use
> apt-ftparchive instead so that I don't have to deal with the details of
> this undocumented format myself.

Exactly, use reprepro.
> This, however, does not apply the apt-ftparchive. It is supposed to
> create the required files fully automatically. With the provided
> documentation I was able to make it do exactly nothing, fully
> automatically.

Example conf to get a simple reprepro repository (save it as

Origin: Debian
Suite: local
Codename: test
Architectures: i386
Components: main

$ reprepro export

Job done.


Neil Williams

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