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Re: Node.js and it's future in debian

Quoting Patrick Ouellette (pouelle@debian.org):
> Can someone please explain to be why it is so unpalatable to
> have the Node.js package in the README and in an installation/
> configuration message include the following (or similar) message:

("last minute debconf addition hater" hat ON)

Please not not not not not in a debconf note. Debconf notes are

If this is the way either package goes, please don't even consider
using debconf to "warn" users for that. NEWS.Debian is the place where
this should go. See debconf-devel(7) (where this is not /me talking
but Joey Hess)

<debconf-devel reader hat ON>
I'm really not comfortable with the nodejs package virtually enforcing
the maintainers of node to deal with a transition. That's my rough
feeling after reading part of this thread. I think it is a very bad
idea (marketically speaking) to make ham radio users mad about Debian,
even if we have good reasons for that)

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