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Re: non-satisfyable Recommends: in main (was Re: Bug#661329: recommends doom-wad which is only provided by non-free doom-wad-shareware)

On 04/30/2012 05:33 PM, Jon Dowland wrote:
> Oh joy-of-joys, a context free drive-by-CC to -devel, and a bug which indicates
> an NMU without warning, DELAYED queue use or nmudiff, for a package to which
> the maintainer is actively discussing the bug (not MIA), for a maintainer who
> is just beginning their time with Debian and relies on support and sponsorship.
> How inviting to the project!
> FWIW, I (or someone else) could quite easily contrive and upload a freedoom
> derivative which worked with Doomsday and upload it. It would then satisfy this
> technical requirement and thus the argument would go away.  It would also be
> a poor imitation of Freedoom (lack features), confusing to users and generally
> be a complete waste of time

Well, here's the maintainer's view on this:

> The game should be able to run with free content as well, so I disagree 
> on that. Shall I just remove te requirement?

I happen to agree with him, also because there's at least one GPL editor for
doom, like doom builder:

"Doom Builder is an open source development released under GNU GPL. 
Everyone can learn from the source code and use it in a GPL compatible 

Yes, doom builder is a windows app, but there are many ways to run
a windows APP (wine, ReactOS, etc.). [Before you ask: no, I didn't try
to actually run doombuilder myself.]

Or is it that doomsday still needs iwad files on top of the wad
files for levels, sprites, and characters?

In any case, if you still think that this was a mistake that I did,
I am sorry for it, but if that's the case, it's easy to fix:
- reopen #661329
- retitle it "doomsday should be in contrib, not in main" so that it's
not miss-leading anymore.



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