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Re: RFC: OpenRC as Init System for Debian

On 04/26/2012 08:42 PM, Roger Leigh wrote:
> If anyone fancies
> doing the packaging, I'll be happy to join in.  I'll probably be able
> to provide a better overview once I know a bit more.
> Regards,
> Roger

As I wrote already, Patrick lives in Shanghai just like me. What happened
is that I've discussed with him about the -devel thread, and explained to
him what kind of issues we are facing, with systemd being difficult to
port for hurd / kFreeBSD, the huge redundancy we have currently in our
init.d scripts, issues with the upstart contributor agreements, etc.
Then he started this thread (maybe he has read our other threads
about init alternatives, I don't know...).

I'd be very happy to work on the packaging of OpenRC, and work with
Patrick on anything we would need for a better integration in Debian.
I always work with people remotely, it'd be great if this was a good
opportunity to change this for once.

I don't know much about OpenRC apart from what Patrick told me,
but I'd be happy to discover it. Maybe I can start packaging with
Patrick together, and with you as well.

I've read others writing that they don't like the LSB headers. I'd like
to know why. What's wrong with it? I find ok-ish. Sure perfectible,
sure the syntax is a bit stupid and verbose for no reasons, but that's
not *that* bad. So, could you tell why you think it's bad? (this of
course isn't aimed at Roger specifically, but to everyone)

Next: if the LSB headers are bad, what are our options to move
away from them? Should we do some kind of tools to convert them
to a better, simpler format? How does it work with systemd for
example? I've just read about .depend files, how are they handled?

I agree that best would be if OpenRC was a simple drop-in replacement
for insserv, and if it supported what we currently have *PLUS* some
new features (which have already been discussed during huge threads,
I don't feel like enumerating them again...). If it doesn't, then maybe
I can beat-up^Wmotivate Patric to work toward that goal of
supporting our already existing infrastructure.

I'm not sure where all this will lead me/Debian, but I think this is
worth a try. I'll try to catch-up with Patrick and talk with him about
how we can start doing this. Maybe we can also have a round table
about this during Debconf12...



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