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Re: Bug#669647: ITP: hurd-cvsfs -- CVS virtual filesystem for the GNU Hurd

On 23/04/12 10:20, Samuel Thibault wrote:
> [Hurd has] an incomplete procfs already.  It doesn't have /proc/mounts,
> because it's not a trivial thing to implement: since mounts are
> distributed, there is no central place where filesystems are to be
> recorded.

For what it's worth, the same is true on Linux, because each process can
potentially be in its own mount namespace.

Linux solves this (while remaining compatible with things that look in
/proc/mounts) by having /proc/mounts always be a symlink to
/proc/self/mounts, where /proc/self is polymorphic: if you read it from
process 123, it appears to be a symlink to /proc/123. Files matching
/proc/[0-9]+/mounts list the mounts that are applicable/visble to the
process whose pid is the directory name.


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