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I want to become a Debian maintainer!


As some of you might (not) know I'm working on porting GNU/Hurd to be
part of the next release, wheezy. (Yes, I know some of you react on
something not being GNU/Linux, like kFreeBSD or Hurd :( ) Samuel
Thibault is the hero with respect to everything regarding  GNU/Hurd,
especially Debian GNU/Hurd. 

Nevertheless, since the freeze of Squeeze is happening in two months,
some urgent things have to be accomplished. The most urgent thing is to
make packages in the main repository not being dependent of packages in

In order to contribute more than being a porter (and patch submitter),
I'm wondering how much effort/support is needed to become a DM, i.e.
being able to upload packages myself, etc. A second alternative would be
to build packages, and ask for a sponsor. Problem is that for GNU/Hurd
there aren't that many interested ...

I'll state my future projection now: In a few years GNU/Hurd will not be
considered something the cat has dragged into the house!! It will be a
first class citizen. And Debian has the chance of making history here by
accepting a new architecture for Squeeze, not only a new CPU for
GNU/Linux (except kFreeBSD)!

Thank you for your attention!

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