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wine-unstable in Debian


  It appears that the last release of wine easily available in Debian
is from 2009, quite a surprising state for a high-profile project like
that.  Kai Wasserbäch appears to be very kindly providing wine-unstable
packages for Debian at


  I would like to ask if you have considered contributing these packages
to Debian sid, or if there is some major hurdle preventing that action?

  I know that there is also an effort by Ove Kåven to bring wine
up-to-date with some nice extras (thanks for that too!), but it seems
to be quite slow-paced (the last status update I have found was from
Sep 2011), so perhaps it would be beneficial to have working solution
in Debian now and perfect solution as soon as it's ready? :-)

  Can anyone else help with the process?

  Best regards,

				Petr "Pasky" Baudis

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