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Re: Bug#668556: ITP: dparser -- a scannerless GLR parser generator

On Sat, 2012-04-14 at 15:09 +0300, Andrew Shadura wrote:
> During my university studies I had a course dedicated to compilers
> theory, but while I knew (and still know) the meaning of all those
> abbreviations I rarely tried to spell them out in full, but rather was
> always using their abbreviated forms.

The new proposed description doesn't remove the abbreviations, so I
don't see any problem here.  It seems useful to me to include both
abbreviations and spelt-out versions, (a) as users might search for
either, and (b) it's good if descriptions are understandable enough for
users looking for something else to know when this is *not* the package
they wanted, so even if all target users know related jargon/an
abbreviation it's good to explain what it is.


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