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really? (Debian Policy and LSB)

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Regarding #621020

"/etc/init.d/mysql uses "set -e" for most of the script, but that is not
compatible with the LSB library /lib/lsb/init-functions. This
particularly causes problems whenever log_end_msg is called with a
nonzero argument, as log_end_msg will return that argument and halt the
script. So there are several chunks of code that will never be called
(some informational messages and the stop-using-kill bit)."

Hmm... This contradicts section 6.1 of the Debian policy.

"The package management system looks at the exit status from these scripts. It is important that they exit with a non-zero status if there is an error, so that the package management system can stop its processing. For shell scripts this means that you almost always need to use set -e (this is usually true when writing shell scripts, in fact). It is also important, of course, that they exit with a zero status if everything went well."

Copying "debian-devel" for more general comments.

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