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machine readable copyright v1 and "GPL version 2 or later"

Hello, in one of my packages I have multiple files paragraphs with
license GPL-2+, at the end I have a standalone license paragraph labeled
GPL-2, this generates a lintian warning about missing license paragraph
GPL-2+. Shouldn't lintian ignore the +, because it only means this
version or, at your choice, any later version? I think it would be wrong
to label the GPL-2 license paragraph GPL-2+, because this text is the
exact text of version 2, even if you can choose to use any later version.

If you only have GPL-2+ files paragraphs, lintian also generates a
warning about unused license paragraph: GPL-2.

What if you have both GPL-2 and GPL-2+ files paragraphs?

Andreas Noteng

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