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Re: On init in *Debian*

On 21/03/12 16:52, YunQiang Su wrote:
> It' said that the 2 main advantage of systemd are parallel and
> much simpler configuration file.

And the third advantage of it, is that upstream people is starting to ship systemd unit files.

> Is it possible to implement an init system for kFreeBSD and Hurd,
> which init system support the configuration file format, while doesn't
> support parallel.
> Then for maintainer of packages with service, she/he can maintain only
> one configuration file, and it works on both kFreeBSD/Hurd and Linux.

I believe that a better solution is the GSoC project proposed by Tollef



We can add a hook on dpkg to automatically convert systemd unit files to old-good sysvinit scripts when systemd is not installed on the system.

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