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Re: Re: On init in Debian

> And how do you expect non-experts be able to solve problems when they
> pop up. Buying consultant services from the experts?
Non-experts are not able to solve any problem, so this is not an issue.
You are even unable to understand how brilliant I am you poor stupid fellows.

Come on, there are people on this list that have been using debian for probably longer than you and know Linux quite well. System init is very fragile, as bootloader. Fixing them is complicated and should be done in a couple of hours so that broken machines do not spread to much beyond people unable to fix them. So its vital to have a lot of people able to fix broken init in a couple of hours. It did happen in the past, and will happen with any init system. (grub upgrade broke one of my machine yesterday).

A new system init will require a learning curve and the sentence above, make people fear that they will be unable to fix anything by themselves while you sleep after pushing an insufficiently tested change...


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