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Re: Organizing a BSP in Shanghai: any advice?

On Tue, Mar 20, 2012 at 5:36 PM, Thomas Goirand wrote:

> I am seriously thinking about organizing a bug squashing party in
> Shanghai. We have already a very nice place to do it (people squared
> already agreed for it, it's in the city center), large enough, with a
> decent internet connection.
> Does anyone have advice for this? Any resource (URL, etc.) would be
> welcome. Few questions that pops to my mind:

As someone who recently just went ahead and organised a BSP with no
prior experience of doing so, I found there aren't any good resources
for how to organise a BSP. It would be great if some folks with
experience in it would document their experiences.

I would suggest to just do it.

There are these links though:


> - how long in advance should I plan it?

The timeline for the recent Perth BSP was this:

2012-01-25: had the idea, emailed the president of the local LUG
2012-01-26: president of the local LUG contacted the venue people
2012-01-31: venue booked, promotion done
2012-03-04: reminder email
2012-03-06: last minute start time change
2012-03-10/11: BSP
2012-03-16: wrote up and sent a report

> - how/where should I make the announcement?

We did the following:


I think I also posted it to fossevents.org but they rarely if ever
publish events.

> We might be only 2 (or maybe 3) DD only on site (which is already 50% of
> the total number of DDs in China), so I believe we'll have to carefully
> review other people's patches, and we'd better upload to the delayed
> queue. Any advice here as well?

You will probably get lots of folks who are new to Debian development.
That isn't nessecarily a bad thing since it means more people who
might get further involved in Debian. You may also find you get people
who are already involved, but you didn't know they were from your
area. Get familiar with the NMU procedures in case you do need to do
an upload though.




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