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Re: Unofficial repositories on 'debian' domains

* Stefano Zacchiroli <leader@debian.org> [2012-03-13 09:47:43 CET]:
> Thus far, no objections have been raised on the above proposal. Also, it
> has been pointed out that past privacy concerns were related to the way
> in which the entries were published, rather than to the actual
> opportunity of doing so.
> Barring other objections, I hereby propose to go ahead and publish at
> www.debian.net an automated generated lists of registered services,
> associated to the Debian login name who has registered them.

 www.debian.net is currently an alias for www.debian.org - this needs to
get entangled and a page put there to tell people clearly that anything
below debian.net is not an official representation of the Debian project
but some additional service offered by some DD.

> I'll be happy to do the non-automated documentation part, but I could
> use help (busy days ahead...) to write the scripts that query LDAP and
> generates the HTML index. Any volunteer?

 As a starting point, you can use this query, which should be parseable
easily by anything:

 ldapsearch -h db.debian.org -b ou=users,dc=debian,dc=org -x '(dnsZoneEntry=*)' dnsZoneEntry

 dnsZoneEntry needs to be queryable by the box on which www.debian.net
will be running, obviously.

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