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Re: upstart: please update to latest upstream version

OoO Vers  la fin de l'après-midi  du dimanche 11 mars  2012, vers 16:14,
Fernando Lemos <fernandotcl@gmail.com> disait :

>> Maybe we could  have an intermediate goal to patch any  daemon to add an
>> option  to not  fork on  start.  If  any daemon  can be  started without
>> forking, it seems  easy to start/stop them without  cgroups.  This would
>> allow to generate a sysvinit  script from systemd service description. I
>> don't  know  any daemon  that  does  not have  a  flag  to  not fork  on
>> start. The number of daemons to patch may be low.
>> This will not be  as clean as using cgroups, but it  won't be worst than
>> the actual situation.

> I don't quite understand the problem you're trying to solve. Both
> upstart and systemd already handle cases where the daemon doesn't have
> the option of not forking.

Yes,  but systemd  relies on  cgroups which  are not  portable.   If all
daemons were able to not fork,  it would be easier to convert a .service
file to a classic init.d  script and therefore use systemd (for example)
as default with Linux and sysvinit with autogenerated files on kFreeBSD.
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