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Re: Python bindings - where to ask for help?

On Wed, Mar 7, 2012 at 1:28 PM, Jens Stimpfle <debian@jstimpfle.de> wrote:
> python-poppler bindings are incomplete, I am missing one for
> ps_file_new. I feel that I have to patch it myself, but am at a loss for
> understanding how it works. The build system has a poppler.defs file
> which gets compiled to C code using a badly documented format. (The
> documentation I could find does not apply to the format in poppler.defs.
> The function is listed in poppler.defs, but no binding is generated and
> no error output).
> Does anyone have experience with generating the bindings, or can point
> me to a location where I'm likely to get help?

debian-devel is for discussion about the development *of* Debian, not
for discussion about development *on* Debian. For your specific
problem, try to contact the authors of the bindings.


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