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Re: Quilt patch for patching things in the debian folder

* Neil Williams <codehelp@debian.org> [120307 10:35]:
> Not within Debian uploads and buildd's, true, but there are good reasons
> for this to remain technically possible for derivatives. The ability for
> someone downstream of Debian to patch debian/control[.in] and [...]

On the other hand that is also a very good reason to forbid that.
Whether it might make sense for derivatives to mangle upstream with
packaging changes in other files might be a matter of opinion
(I'm personally quite happy that is no longer possible), but
debian/control should really be something you should be able to extract
in a sane way. I consider it one of the major flaws of 1.0 packages that
you cannot sanely extract debian/control out of it (you can do some
heuristics that can extract most of the packages like changestool
(from package repepro) does, but no always working way), while 3.0
(quilt) there is a nice easy way, especially because packaging
information has a canonic place and is not changed by patches.

	Bernhard R. Link

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