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Re: upstart: please update to latest upstream version

Steve Langasek wrote:
> If no one's measured it, then converting scripts to C programs to
> avoid the added exec() calls is premature optimization.  If the only

You keep repeating the same FUD. Again, avoiding shell is not just an
optimization, much less a premature one. Also, if I understand the
original poster correctly, this included cases where you would not have
needed any separate C program either with systemd.

> One of the worst contributors to the use of 'script' in upstart jobs instead
> of 'exec' is the need for backwards-compatibility with pre-upstart
> /etc/default/* files.  The options here are all fairly poor:
>  - ignore the admin's /etc/default settings when switching init systems
>  - migrate any local changes to /etc/default into the upstart job at upgrade
>    time, by editing a conffile in a maintainer script
>  - keep sourcing /etc/default at runtime
> I guess systemd has largely chosen option 1 (in part because there's a weird
> view in the systemd community that these jobs belong upstream, so Debian
> integration issues are entirely ignored).  For many upstart jobs in Ubuntu,

The systemd view is that this configuration should be standardized
rather than every distro using a random different method. I don't think
that view is at all weird. "Debian integration issues are entirely
ignored" is again FUD - standardization does require some kind of
transition, but Debian has in no way been "ignored" here (and no this
standardization does not mean simply adopting the old Fedora setup or
anything like that).

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