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Bug#601455: can't stop daemon using /etc/init.d/foo stop when, disabled via /etc/default/foo

clone 601455 -1
retitle 601455 can't stop daemon using /etc/init.d/foo stop when disabled via /etc/default/foo

peter green wrote:

> regardless of any plan to discourage use of the /etc/default
> mechanism (I think removing it altogether is not really reasonable)
> I think the original bug of being unable to stop
> a dameon after disabling it in /etc/default still needs to be fixed.

You're right.  Sorry for my heavy-handed response before.

Would there be any easy way to get a list of affected packages?
By grepping for ENABLE and DISABLE in /etc/init.d and looking at the
context, I find the following packages have this problem in my local
(pretty small) installation:

  aiccu 20070115-14.1
  bootlogd from initscripts 2.88dsf-22
  rsync 3.0.9-1

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