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Re: Bug#661266: ITP: fstransform -- Tool for in-place filesystem conversion

* Giovanni Mascellani <gio@debian.org>, 2012-02-25, 18:39:
  Package name: fstransform
       Version: 0.9.1
Upstream Author: Massimiliano Ghilardi <paperinik@users.sourceforge.net>
           URL: http://sourceforge.net/projects/fstransform/
       License: GPL-3+
   Description: Tool for in-place filesystem conversion
fstransform is a tool to change a file-system from one format to
another, for example from jfs/xfs/reiser to ext2/ext3/ext4, in-place
and without the need for backup.

Without the need for backup, seriously? Even the README says:
| Common sense and experience tell that you should ALWAYS have a backup
| of your valuable data.
| This script is intended for those cases where such backup is either
| already done, or is not feasible or unnecessary, typically because the
| data is not valuable.
| There is ALWAYS a possibility that the script will irreversibly delete
| ALL the data on the device you run it on, even if you use
| a tested combination of filesystems.
| All this foreword means only one thing:
| The author declines ALL responsibilities for ANY damage that may derive
| from using the programs and procedures described in this document.

Jakub Wilk

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