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Bug#661241: general: Sounds gets quiet, problem uncontrolable

retitle 661241 description of "general" pseudo-package is misleading (sounds too much like a catch-all)
reassign 661241 reportbug 6.3.1
submitter 661241 !


Mikko Koho wrote:

> Sometimes I switch sounds off from panel, when I'm trying get them back machine
> is still quiet. VLC-mediaplayer and Iceweasel-browser aren't friends, when I'm
> watching DVD with VLC Iceweasel gets quiet and sounds from chat are not
> hearable. When I stop watching DVD, close VLC and try to comfort Iceweasel it
> is still quiet :) And same is when Iceweasel has sounds, VLC is quiet.

Not a general problem affecting a large number of packages in the
archive.  Reassigning to "reportbug" so its description of the
"general" pseudo-package can be fixed.  (Sandro, I imagine that
reportbug might take its descriptions of pseudo-packages from some
other source, so feel free to reassign as appropriate.)

Mikko, please contact debian-user@lists.debian.org to narrow down the
sound problem you are experiencing and to work on a more detailed
report for the maintainer of some seemingly relevant package.  See
also [*] for some general guidelines.

Thanks and hope that helps,

[*] http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/bugs.html

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