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Bug#660449: general: The pc freeze suddenly

severity 660449 normal
tags 660449 + moreinfo

Hi Vittore,

On Sonntag, 19. Februar 2012, Vittore Luccio wrote:
> SOmetimes the pc suddenly freeze and is impossible to use. The only way to
> stop the pc is to press down the start button.

I'm afraid you will have to give us more information about what you are doing, 
when your PC freezes, else it's impossible to debug your problem. Logfiles 
might also help...


P.S.: Joss, I dont think it's helpful or appropriate to just make fun at users 
submitting bugs. (Even if (you think) the bug is rather useless - if so, why 
reply at all?) I also think you're intelligent enough to make better jokes.

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