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Re: Multiarch file overlap summary and proposal

* Russ Allbery [2012-02-16 10:43 -0800]:
> * Users who want to co-install separate architectures will immediately
>   encounter a dpkg error saying that the files aren't consistent.  This
>   means they won't be able to co-install the packages, but dpkg will
>   prevent any actual harm from happening.  The user will then report a bug
>   and the maintainer will realize what happened and be able to find some
>   way to fix it.
> * Even better, we can automatically detect this error case by scanning the
>   archive for architecture pairs that have non-matching overlapping files
>   and deal with it proactively.

There are still files that differ that do not need to be fixed, for
example documentation that contains it's build date.

One way to address this is to use a new dpkg control file (placed in
/var/lib/dpkg/info) that lists files that dpkg considers to be equal
even if they differ.


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