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Re: Probable multiarch related problem in finding header file posix_types_32.h

* Steve Langasek [2012-02-14 09:29 -0800]:
> Where we've run across similar problems with posix_types.h in the recent
> past, it has indeed been due to the use of "gcc -I-".

Drafts of the C89 and C11 standards read:
| A preprocessing directive of the form
|   # include "q-char-sequence" new-line
| causes ...  If this search is not supported, or if the search fails,
| the directive is reprocessed as if it read
|   # include <h-char-sequence> new-line
| with the identical contained sequence (...) from the original
| directive.

GCC's texinfo documentation (for version 4.4) of both options, -I- and
-iquote, doesn't seem to contain anything that would contradict the

> ultimately though I think this is a bug in linux-libc-dev for using
> #include "" here.

Or it is a bug in the preprocessor, i.e., gcc?


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