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Re: -fPIE and stuff

On 2012-02-14, Kurt Roeckx <kurt@roeckx.be> wrote:

Hi Application Manager :)

(My response here includes some questions from my upstream who I showed
this mail)

> It was always my understanding that protected wasn't useful,
> because it's even more expensive.

Can you come with a bit pointers or numbers about 'expensive' ?

> As far as I understand things, this is supposed to work, and might
> be a bug in the toolchain or dynamic linker.  Which might also
> mean that they're trying to make use of a bug in the toolchain.

It is not a bug in the toolchain. It is how the processor specific ABI

A crash is expected to happen because the psABI requires it.
The psABI is broken because it permits a symbol visibility type
(protected) that executables cannot use. But it is how the ABI is.


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