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Re: Multi-arch all-architecture plugins

[Ian Jackson]
> Where should this fact be declared ?  Is it a property of a package
> that it makes sense to install it only on all configured architectures
> or none ?  Or is it a property of the dependency from the depending
> package ?

Neither.  If I've configured i386 on an amd64 system just to install 2
binaries and libc6, but on amd64 I've installed, say, a gimp plugin, I
don't want to have to install, on i386, not only this same plugin but
also libgimp and its dependency tree, including the whole Gtk stack.
What we really want to express is: {this package}, if installed, should
have the same list of architectures as {that package}.

E.g., pam modules should be installed on the same architectures that
need libpam0g.  Thus, all architectures for which you've installed at
least one daemon that uses pam, will have the same plugins.

The same argument works for many other plugin situations I can think
of; in each case there's a (presumably M-A: same) "base" library
package that you could say, if that package is installed for a given
arch, the associated modules should match.

Package: libpam-fprint
Multi-Arch: same-as libpam0g

Package: gimp-texturize
Multi-Arch: same-as libgimp2.0

Package: libsasl2-modules
Multi-Arch: same-as libsasl2-2

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