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Re: Bug#659753: ITP: libnet-irr-perl -- Net::IRR - Perl interface to the Internet Route Registry Daemon


On 02/13/12 17:29, Carlos Vicente wrote:
> Hopefully this module will stimulate development of new Route
> Registry tools written in Perl. An example of Route Registry tools
> can be found by googling for RAToolset which is now known as the
> IRRToolset. The RAToolset was originally developed by ISI,
> http://www.isi.edu/, and is now maintained by RIPE,
> http://www.ripe.net/.

This is a really old description. IRRToolset has long moved under ISC's
umbrella¹ where is dying a slow death… There's even an ITP for it (with
packages prepared) but I've hesitated to upload since it seems to be
abandoned upstream.


¹: http://www.isc.org/software/irrtoolset

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