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Re: Summary: dpkg shared / reference counted files and version match

* Jonathan Nieder <jrnieder@gmail.com>, 2012-02-10, 18:56:
This is not so one-sided as you seem to be suggesting.

Yes. I apologize for implying this.

who wishes he knew of a fifth approach without the downsides of the others proposed so far :)

Let me try:

1. We allow sharing files between architectures.

2. If
- package $pkg (of architecture $arch1) is already installed and,
- package $pkg (of architecture $arch2) is going to be installed and,
- $pkg:$arch1 and $pkg:$arch2 both ship a $file with _different_ hash then dpkg would rename $arch2's $file into $file.dpkg-$arch2, using a mechanism similar to diversions.

If $pkg:$arch1 is later removed, dpkg would rename files with .dpkg-$archN suffix back to original names
3. We will teach debsums about these "multiarch diversions".

4. We continue to treat hash mismatches as important (or maybe serious) bugs, even though they don't prevent package installation anymore. As a corollary, we still need a separate solution for the binNMU problem.

(I stole the idea from Ron Lee, and all credit should go to him. But I didn't consult the details with Ron, so I this proposal doesn't make sense to you, I shall take all the blame.)

Jakub Wilk

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