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Re: essential and transitivly-essential

"Bernhard R. Link" <brlink@debian.org> writes:

> My proposal is still:
> - Add a new priority "essential" for the "must always be available"
>   (so this is what in a bootstrap is unpackaged manually).
>   Require that Priority essential packages only depend on Priority
>   essential, so this is the new transitively-essential set.
> - Reduce "Essential: yes" with "Priority: required" to mean only
>   that cannot be removed easily. So things like mount or initscripts
>   must not be unpacked twice and available in every buildd chroot.
> - Reduce the set of "does not need depended on" to "Essential: yes"
>   and "Priority: essential".
>         Bernhard R. Link

Don't forget about awk. Awk is quasi-essential but it can come from gawk
or mawk.


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