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history transparency

Hi there.

Looking at advances in storage that are on the horizon coupled with advances with processing power, it would appear that "something wonderful" is on the horizon.

It will be possible to build an entire Debian distribution in a matter of minutes.

This capability requires no changes to the way Debian "does things" right now.

But when it comes to old bug reports involving source packages in GIT or other version control systems, it's already the case that older C/C++ code won't compile due to advances and increasing strictness in compilers.

Right now it's difficult/impossible to recreate a snapshot of Debian as it was (updates included) when the bug was reported.

I think Debian needs a way to be able to pick a point in history and obtain at least the versions + patches of all the source packages that would have been installed / available to reproduce the Debian system running on the users machine at the time they reported the bug.

With more and more source packages becoming available under publicly accessible version control, what needs to change in Debian to make this possible?

Philip Ashmore

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