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Re: Comments on introducing a new Essential package: base-init?

On 2012-02-08 21:03 +0100, Roger Leigh wrote:

> This is regarding Bug #645540 ("Essential" package conflict between
> sysvinit and systemd-sysv).
> sysvinit is currently Essential.  In order to permit the replacement
> of sysvinit with an alternative init system, I'd like to propose the
> creation of a new Essential package "base-init", with a Depends on
> "sysvinit | init", where "init" is a virtual package provided by all
> packages providing /sbin/init.  This would be provided by sysvinit,
> systemd, upstart, etc.

Assuming they all provide /sbin/init, they need to conflict with each
other, right?  In that case, switching init systems has the dangerous
effect that apt will remove the current provider before unpacking the
replacement, leaving a window where /sbin/init does not exist.  Sounds
rather dangerous to me.


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