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Endianness of data files in MultiArch (was: Please test gzip -9n - related to dpkg with multiarch support)

I want to speak up about endianness of data files, this is a
suggestion but not a flaw which I just want to discover the
possibility of improvement to current status by the chance of
implementing Multi-Arch in Debian.

Some packages come with data files that endianness matters, and many
of them are large enough to split into a separate arch:all package if
endianness were not something to care about. AFAIK some maintainers
are not aware of endianness issues in their packages and then just
ignored it (not sure how many, but if any of them are discovered it
should lead to RC bug). It would be great to have some mechanism to
handle such kind of problems in Debian, to avoid forcing those data to
be placed into arch:any package.

Aron Xu

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