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Bug#658596: ITP: lambda-term -- terminal manipulation library for OCaml

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Nicolas Dandrimont <nicolas.dandrimont@crans.org>

* Package name    : lambda-term
  Version         : 1.1
  Upstream Author : Jérémie Dimino
* URL             : http://forge.ocamlcore.org/projects/lambda-term/
* License         : MIT
  Programming Lang: OCaml
  Description     : terminal manipulation library for OCaml

 Lambda-term is a cross-platform library for manipulating the
 terminal. It provides an abstraction for keys, mouse events, colors,
 as well as a set of widgets to write curses-like applications.
 The main objective of lambda-term is to provide a higher level
 functional interface to terminal manipulation than, for example,
 ncurses, by providing a native OCaml interface instead of bindings to
 a C library.
 Lambda-term integrates with zed to provide text edition facilities in
 console applications, and helps with encoding management, by
 providing a high-level interface to iconv.

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