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Team maintaining miniupnp: a set of 4 packages to manage IGD protocols


I'm currently maintaining alone the following source packages:
libnatpmp, minissdpd, miniupnpc and miniupnpd

For that last one, I've just sent an ITP, since it finally becomes
possible to build it in Debian (and the packaging is already done,
sitting in my public_git on Alioth). MiniUPnPd is already used in many
embedded devices like OpenWRT, and in some major ISP ADSL boxes (I wont
write names, but for example, the 2nd and 3rd largest ISP in France runs

The miniupnpc is a nice library that may be use by many games, and is
already used by some software in the archive, like warzone2100,
transmission, and bitcoind. Both minissdpd and miniupnpc are quite high
already in popcon, with more than 8000 users, which also is pushing me
to ask for other sets of eyes to look into my packaging. The miniupnpc
client library would need a transition to reach testing the correct way
(because of a tiny change in the API, the package is already in
Experimental), and I have no experience with that, help would be

I found that team maintaining is cool, and I'd like to know if others
would like to join my effort to keep all the MiniUPnP software into
shape in Debian. It wouldn't be much work, just the usual work to keep
the packages updated with what upstream releases.

Note that upstream (Thomas Bernard) is a very good friend of mine, and
is both a cool guy and very responsive.

So if you wish to join the maintenance effort for MiniUPnPd, please get
in touch, and we'll build a (new) Alioth project.


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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