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Re: Bulding cross-toolchains in the archive

W dniu 31.01.2012 19:28, Wookey pisze:
+++ DrEagle [2012-01-25 14:58 +0100]:

What we need to accomplish is having a package to upload which will
build cross-toolchains. The significant change from buildcross is that
instead of using dpkg-cross to generate a libc6-dev-armel-cross package,
it should just build-depend on libc6-dev:armel
similarly for linux-libc-headers-dev:armel

This could be done as one package which builds binutils-<triplet>  and
gcc-<triplet>. In that case you could use the ubuntu package
armel-cross-toolchain-base-<ver>  as inspiration, but that can be
significantly simplified as there is no need to do the 3-stage
bootstrap, or build eglibc or linux-headers.

armel-cross-toolchain-base + gcc-4.[456]-armel-cross were made (by me) as a way to get automated builds of cross compiler with use of buildd machines. Once we will get cross-arch build dependencies I will convert them to binutils-<triplet> + gcc-4.x-<triplet> which will use binutils-source, gcc-4.x-source and libc6-dev:<target-arch> as build dependencies.

Or it could be done as a package that builds binutils-<triplet>, and
another that builds gcc-<triplet.

This would be proper way. binutils-<triplet> is easy to do (basically armel-cross-toolchain-base limited to $(stamp)/final-binutils step), gcc-<triplet> already exists in Ubuntu as gcc-4.[456]-armel-cross package.

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